Supplemental Materials - Floaters No More:
Radiance Field Gradient Scaling for Improved Near-Camera Training

Julien Philip Valentin Deschaintre
Adobe Research Adobe Research

For each of the method we provide video or image comparisons with and without gradient scaling

JAX Implementation

def gradientScaling(origins, gaussians, rgb, density):
    return rgb, density

def lgradientScaling_jvp(primals, tangents):
    origins, gaussians, rgb,density = primals
    origins_dot, gaussians_dot, rgb_dot, density_dot = tangents
    ans = gradientScaling(origins, gaussians, rgb,density)
    scaling = jnp.square(jnp.linalg.norm(gaussians[0]-origins[:, :, :, None], axis=-1, keepdims=True)).clip(0, 1)
    ans_dot = (rgb_dot * scaling, density_dot * scaling[..., 0])
    return ans, ans_dot